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20 Best Coupon Code Sites For FREE Promo & Discounts (Christmas Edition)

Most Popular List of Discount Websites For FREE Coupon & Promo Codes
The holidays are just around the corner, and as the time of the season has it, you have to buy gifts for everyone – friends, family, relatives, they all expect a little present.

Most Popular List of Discount Websites For FREE Coupon & Promo Codes

The holidays are just around the corner, and as the time of the season has it, you have to buy gifts for everyone - friends, family, relatives, they all expect a little present. But, you don't have to spend all your hard-earned money on Christmas gifts; there are better ways, and here's one. In this article, I'll share with you the best 20 coupon code sites packed with discount codes and special offers.

You can use these coupon codes to minimize spending and even save money while still impressing your friends and relatives with superb gifts.

Best Coupon Code Site For General Stores Offers


Rakuten Coupon Code Site GET YOUR COUPON CODE This coupon code site is one of the biggest hubs for internet shopping promotions.

As such, it is an essential resource when trying to save money. As opposed to addons that check for the best deal for the thing you are currently buying, on Rakuten, you will find the best offers all around. However, instead of finding a Christmas gift and hoping for the best regarding coupons and offer hunting, you find the best sale and go for that.

Plus, given the holiday season, Rakuten has a special Christmas Gift Ideas page where you will find the most appropriate choices.


GET YOUR COUPON CODE Here's another great coupon code site for those hunting coupons and offers in general stores.

Nonetheless, it has many promotion options, including cashback and holiday deals. Whether you are preparing your home or a savory meal for the Christmas season or looking for the best gifts, is a great coupon and offer hunting site.



BeFrugal prides itself as the number one site for hunting coupons and offers. While the jury is still out on that, you should certainly make use of it. The site will feature deals and cashback offers from various online and on-land retailers.

Additionally, the interface makes it easier to tell what promotions are available and how you can use them. Plus, this money-saving website also has a Holidays bonus, coming in the form of up to 26% cashback.



SmartSource is another entry among the Canadian sites for hunting coupons and offers. You will generally find general deals for groceries. However, it depends on your flair to make a good gift out of what you find here.

If you're more of an analog person, you can also hit the print coupon button and go Christmas shopping in the real world.


GET YOUR COUPON CODE allegedly saved around C£1 billion for its shoppers since 2007.

You will surely want to be one of these lucky customers during this holiday season. The site also did you the favor of selecting top Christmas and Holiday deals, saving money when shopping online most effectively.



Shipping costs are where retailers get their customers most often. Well, this won't be the case any longer with This option is special among sites for hunting coupons and offers.

Beyond the promotions it features, it also guarantees that they come with free shipping. Santa does not charge you for delivering gifts on Christmas Eve, so why should you pay shipping costs to retailers?



Here is another Google extension that will help you out during the Christmas shopping season. The service promises that you earn up to five times the cashback and save money in more than 4000 stores. Several stores featured on the website also host promotions that give you a match bonus for orders over a certain amount.

Whether you have a tech-savvy friend or want to treat yourself to an early Christmas gift, you can find offers from Forever 21, GoPro, or Lenovo.

Best Coupon Code Apps & Offer Hunting Addons


GET YOUR COUPON CODE Honey is a Chrome addon rather than a standalone site.

However, the tool is a must-have for coupons and offer hunting. Honey works by scouring the web for codes for you. All you need to do yourself is shop as usual.

When it finds something, Honey will notify you and apply for said promotion. Hunting for deals and discounts has never been easier with such a tool in your Christmas shopping arsenal.



Karma is another such system. Karma is hunting coupons and offers from over 50.000 websites and domains from the company's claims. If true, this addon has a slight edge over Honey that cites only over 30.000 shops.

However, the system is the same, and we are sure that they will work interchangeably, as far as your Christmas shopping is concerned. Naturally, you can go coupon and offer hunting with both tools activated and see which provides the better Christmas deal.



Ibotta is an app that helps customers receive a certain percentage of their spent funds back when shopping from partnered retailers. The service will be your best friend when going on a Christmas shopping binge. No more do you have to look for the best deals, as Ibotta makes coupon and offer hunting as simple as checking an app.


GET YOUR COUPON CODE Swagbucks is a similar coupon code online platform. The site for finding deals and promotions online will feature a series of shopping services where you may receive up to 15% of your funds on a cashback.

If you will spend a lot on Christmas gifts this year, make sure to complete your purchases via one of these websites. Saving money has never been easier.

Best Bonus Code & Promo Sites For Entertainment

Casino Bonus CA


While it is worthwhile checking general sites for hunting coupons and offers, the Canadian market has its fair share of industry-specific promotional aggregator platforms. Take online gambling, a market on the upswing in Canada, with over half of the population participating in staking activities. Coupon and offer hunting services like Casinobonusca will provide some of the most complex collections of online casino bonus codes suited for the Canadian market.

The internet has changed the nature of Christmas gifts, and Brand sites, as well as aggregators, are giving away great deals as the holiday season peeks its head around the corner.

Humble Bundle

GET YOUR COUPON CODE Whether it is your passion or you know someone who's a gamer, Humble Bundle is a good source for purchasing video games on the cheap.

And you won't need to concern yourself with hunting coupons and offers. The platform does that for you. Its operators strike deals with various developers and get a reduced promotional price for a limited time.

And as the name implies, the platform also provides bundles of games, books, or software. You essentially buy several items at a collective (and small) price. Make sure to use the HOLIDAY21 code to get a Year of Humble for cheap.


GET YOUR COUPON CODE As the season turns around once more, digital retail markets, such as Steam,, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation Store will start featuring various deals for games. It is worth checking in with them constantly, as they will create advent calendar-type systems with limited-time discounts.

However, Allkeyshop is a helpful tool that will compare all available prices for you while surfing online. In essence, the extension will start hunting coupons and offers for you when it comes to video games.

Best Coupon Code Sites For Fashion & Clothing


Dealplus coupon code website GET YOUR COUPON CODE

DealsPlus coupon code saite is like visiting an outlet store, but online. This site for hunting coupons and offers features great discounts on popular brands, like Adidas, Under Armour, Champion, or Sephora. Most of the featured deals are discounts and come with a certain cashback functionality.

The coupon and offer hunting site will award you C£10 cashback on sign-up. You can find DealsPlus as a Chrome extension, too.



RetailMeNot is one of those sites for hunting coupons and offers that provide offers specifically for Canada. Its featured deals are considerably varied. You may find 'buy one get one free' promotions, as well as the run of the mill discounts and cashback.

Check it out and see what's 50% off in Sephora, Old Navy, or Foot Locker during the Christmas season. You may find a good gift, but you may be able to treat yourself to a Christmas present.



This service is another veteran site in coupon and offer hunting. While its interface is less attractive, the businesses it has deals with certainly add to its appeal. You will find codes for eBay, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, or even Huggies, if you have a new family member this year.

Groupon is certainly worth checking when considering sites for hunting deals, discounts, and promotions.

Best Coupon Code Sites For Gifts


GET YOUR COUPON CODE How does winning a PlayStation 5 sound?

Even if you're not into gaming, you surely know someone that may like it as a Christmas gift. Slickdeals offers such awards as part of their Offer Drops systems. More so, this site for hunting coupons and offers presents like a marketplace, but with deals and discounts attached to each available item.

It also is the only platform where you can claim free offers. We are sure you would love a free-of-charge Holiday house kit for this Christmas.



Let's start with the Holiday Contest organized by this coupon and offer hunting platform. You can win a C£500 grocery gift card, as well as one of the four C£100 awards in the weekly draws. Other than that, you also get to browse several digital discounts, cashback, weekly flyers, and printable coupons.

Make this, too, one of the essential sites for hunting coupons and offers during the Christmas season.

P&G Good Everyday

GET YOUR COUPON CODE You won't find the most varied list of items on this site.

However, with this tool, P&G automatically makes donations to causes you care about for all toiletries you buy and save money on. Since we know that Christmas is about giving, not receiving, make yourself and others the favor of looking around this site for saving money while buying presents online. And, who knows?

By the end of it, you may find a skincare set worth being a good Christmas gift.


There you go! Use these our top 20 sites for hunting coupons and offers. You will save money effectively and easily, even during the spending-heavy period of the Holidays.

Consider the funds you will save up as this year's Christmas gift from us to you.

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