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COUPON | iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are cheaper in Magalu’s new offer

IMPORTANT: stay tuned for the date publication of this article, as all prices and promotions are subject to availability of stock and duration of the offer. Price changes may occur at any time without notice from the retailer. The price or tota…


IMPORTANT: stay tuned for the date publication of this article, as all prices and promotions are subject to availability of stock and duration of the offer. Price changes may occur at any time without notice from the retailer. The price or total value of the product may change depending on the location, considering shipping and possible interstate taxes.

The products displayed here have been selected by our offering team. So, if you buy something, Canaltech may receive some sales commission. The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 are Apple's best cellphone options for anyone does not intend to spend the full amount of the latest release, but still wants a cell phone that has recently hit the market and includes the company's new technologies, such as Face ID.

Both models are at great prices taking advantage of a special discount coupon on Magazine Luiza, which you can find in the highlighted links below. In addition, some offers are even better for anyone who is a Magalu Gold Customer and makes a purchase using the store's app. It is also possible to take advantage of a great offer from Fast Shop when paying via Pix.

  • Buy the iPhone 11 White (27 GB) for BRL 3.853
  • Buy the iPhone Black (64 GB) for BRL 3.256

  • Buy the iPhone 11 (256 GB) for R£ 4.64

Buy the iPhone 11 (128 GB) for BRL 4.411

Buy the iPhone 11 (256 GB) for BRL 4.853

How to take advantage of promotions

Some discounts are exclusive to who is Magazine Luiza's Gold Client. If you shop at the store, chances are good that you are already part of the program. You only need to make three different purchases in a two-year period to access exclusive discounts.

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    Purchases also need to be made through the Magalu app, where a portion of the money can be returned to you and used for other in-store purchases or to pay bills using your MagaluPay account.

    Using the app also brings other advantages, such as being notified directly on your mobile when an item of interest is on offer.

  • Why is it worth downloading the SuperApp Magalu

Using a coupon at the time of checkout, you receive a discount even before entering your payment information. Just enter the code that appears on the offer page and see the discount coupon being applied at the same time.

    • How to use discount coupon at Magazine Luiza

The Canaltech Offers always indicates when the promotion requires in-app purchase, discount coupon, or participation in the Gold Client program. Just check the information on the highlighted links to take advantage of all the low prices displayed here.

About iPhone

The iPhone remains one of the best smartphones from Apple for those looking for a device from brand. It has several of the company's most innovative technologies, such as facial recognition unlocking using Face ID facial recognition and the screen occupying almost the entire front of the phone, with no border at the bottom. With the processor A12 Bionic allied to the system Operating iOS, it maintains the company's good track record of making powerful phones capable of running smoothly all the apps and games available on the App Store.

You are also guaranteed that you will receive updates for many years and will not need to change devices as it becomes incompatible with newer apps. This is one of Apple's main differentials over competitors.

  • When compared to previous models, the iPhone also stands out for having a dual set of cameras on the rear, one of them being an ultrawide sensor for taking pictures with a expanded field of view. The cameras also have a night mode and post-processing enhanced by artificial intelligence that guarantees great results even in places with poor lighting.

    Buy the iPhone 11 (128 GB) for BRL 3.599

  • Black color
  • White color

  • Buy the iPhone 11 (64 GB) for BRL 4.256

About the iPhone 13

The iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch screen with OLED technology, which guarantees more vivid colors than the old LCD panels used by the company.

Its new design left out the curvatures and started to adopt a look with a straight finish on the sides, giving more security when holding the device without a hood. It also has support for 5G technology and water resistance. On the camera side, the device has a double set on the back that captures 27% more light than the previous generation, thanks to the larger aperture.

Post-processing has also been improved and now delivers even better results by balancing on-scene elements. The improved sensor also now allows you to capture videos with HDR technology, which contains more details, especially in dark areas.

  • The chipset present in all iPhone models is the A13 Bionic from Apple. According to the company, it has a CPU 27% faster than the previous models, in addition to being the first smartphone chip to use the 5 nm manufacturing process.

    This means it is more powerful and consumes less battery than the company's other chipsets. It's the high performance you can expect from a new iPhone.

    Buy the iPhone 13 (128 GB) for BRL 4.256

    Black color

Buy the iPhone 11 (256 GB) for BRL 4.

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