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New Harris Teeter e-Vic deals: Chobani Oatmilk, steamable vegetables, coffee

* This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you use them.
Harris Teeter has a new set of e-Vic deals starting Friday, August 6 including possible deals on Chobani Oatmilk, steamable vegetables, coffee, Angel Food Cake and…

* This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you use them. Harris Teeter has a new set of e-Vic deals starting Friday, August 6 including possible deals on Chobani Oatmilk, steamable vegetables, coffee, Angel Food Cake and more! You can only get those e-Vic offers that have been loaded to your Vic card from Harris Teeter and are in your Friday e-mail (or on their website or app when you log in to your account).

Following are some of the deals that were sent out to various e-Vic members on Friday with the coupon match-ups, if applicable. You may have received some of these as well or you may have different offers. You have to be signed up for the e-Vic program on their website to get the e-Vic deals.

Deals Valid August 6-10, 2021

Harris Teeter Steamable Vegetables, 12 oz, £0.87, limit 4

Simple Truth Organic Original or No Sugar Added BBQ Sauce, 19 oz, £2.27, limit 4 Chobani Creamer or Oat Milk, 24-52 oz, £2.47, limit 4 Coupons: £1 Oatmilk coupon from 7/25 SS or HT Oatmilk digital coupon

Simple Truth Organic Peanut Butter, 16 oz, £2.77, limit 4 Fresh Foods Market Angel Food Cake, 13 oz, £2.97, limit 4 Quorn Patties or Nuggets, select, £2.97, limit 4

Harris Teeter Coffee, 12 oz, £3.47, limit 4 InnovAsian Entrees, 16-18 oz, £3.97, limit 4 Save £5 instantly when you buy £25 worth of stationery, home office or back to school general merchandise

Deals from the Ad

Harris Teeter has impressive deals starting Wednesday, August 4 including Yoplait yogurt, carrots, ground turkey, American cheese, garlic bread, steamable vegetables, pie crust, ice cream and more!

These deals are based on the online ad preview on the Harris Teeter website and the Express Lane prices on the Harris Teeter website for a Raleigh, NC location. Some prices may vary in other stores. You may want to check your ad to verify prices.

This list is not a guarantee of price.

4X Fuel Points

Get 4X Fuel Points on gift cards including Chipotle, Domino's, Kohl's, Visa and more with the HT digital coupon from 7/28-8/10/21.

2X Fuel Points On Purchases

Earn 2X Fuel Points on purchases with the HT digital coupon. Offer good through August 31, 2021. See ad for details.

Deals Valid All Week

These deals are valid August 4-10, 2021.

E-Vic Offers

Yoplait Yogurt, 4-6 oz, select, £0.37 - £1/10 coupon from 8/1 SS or .50/5 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link or HT digital coupons

Larabar, 1.6-1.7 oz, £0.77 , limit 5 Sparkling Ice Beverages, 17 oz, £0.77, limit 5 Oikos Greek Single Serve Yogurt, 5.3 oz, £0.87, limit 12

Totino's Party Pizza or Pizza Rolls, select, £0.97, limit 6 Eggland's Best Large Eggs, 12 count, £1.77, limit 4 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, 6.6 oz, £1.77, limit 4

Tostitos Chips, 9-12 oz, £2.47, limit 4 International Delight Coffee Creamers, 32 oz, £2.77, limit 6 Tyson Chicken Strips, 20-28.05 oz, £5.97, limit 4


Lemons or limes, 3 for £0.99

Navel Oranges, £0.80 each Whole carrots, 2 lb bag, £0.99 Mangos, £1 each

Fuji apples, £1.49/lb Tomatoes on the vine, £1.49/lb Bartlett Pears, £1.79

Black or red plums, £ Broccoli Crowns, £1.99/lb Cripps Pink Apples, £1.99/lb

Yellow onions, 3 lb bag, £1.99 Sliced Baby Bella or Whole Cremini Mushrooms, 8 oz, £2 Athena cantaloupe, £2.50

Strawberries, 1 lb, BOGO for £2.50 each Sweet Corn, 4 pack, £2.50 Fresh Express Salads, select, £3.50

Blueberries, 18 oz, £4.99

Meat & Seafood

Chicken breast, boneless, fresh, value pack, £1.99/lb

93% Lean ground turkey, 20.80 oz, £3.99

93% Lean ground beef, £3.99/lb Fresh Foods Market Rotisserie chicken, £4.99 Wild caught Tilapia fillets, £5.99/lb

NY strip steak or Steakhouse roast, boneless, £7.99/lb Salmon steak, farm raised, £7.99 Wild Caught Mahi Mahi Fillets, £9.99/lb

Wild caught East Coast Shrimp, P&D, 31-40 count, £9.99 Wild caught Argentine shrimp, 16-20 count, 2 lb, Buy 2 Get 3 Free, limit 10 Cacique Chorizo, 9 oz, BOGO for £1.14 each

Harris Teeter Pork Sausage, 16 oz roll, BOGO for £2.24 each Prime Fresh Lunch Meat, 8 oz, £2.50 Harris Teeter Italian Sausage or Bratwurst, 18 oz, BOGO for £2.89 each

Nathans Beef Franks, 11-12 oz, BOGO for £2.99 each Simple Truth Sausage links of patties, 12 oz, £3 Harris Teeter bacon, 12 oz, £3.99

Simple Truth Uncured Turkey Bacon, 8 oz, BOGO Beyond Burger, 8 oz, £4.99

Deli & Bakery & Floral

Fresh Foods Market Cake Slices, 1 count, £1.49 (50% off) Galbani Fresh Mozzarella Ball, 8 oz, BOGO - £1 coupon when you sign up

Fresh Foods Market Fresh Baked Cookies, 12 count, BOGO

Dairy & Refrigerated

Chobani Probiotic, Less Sugar or Complete yogurt, 5.3 oz, £1 - £2/10 HT digital coupon or 7/25 SS Silk Greek single serve cups, £1 Perfect Bar, 2.5 oz, select, BOGO for £1.25 each

Oui yogurt, select, £1.33 - £1/4 HT digital coupon, £1/4 coupons from 8/1 SS and Smart Shopper coupons link Harris Teeter Cream Cheese, 8 oz brick or 8 oz tub, £1.50 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, 8 count, select, £1.66 - £1/3 HT digital coupon

Harris Teeter cheese, 8 oz block, BOGO for £1.69 each Harris Teeter American Cheese, 12 oz, BOGO for £1.74 each Wewalka Pizza Dough, select, BOGO for £1.74 each

Yoplait Go-Gurt, £2 - £1.50/2 coupon from 8/1 SS, Smart Shopper coupons link or HT digital coupon Chobani Oat Milk, 52 oz, £3.50 - £1 coupon from 7/25 SS or HT digital coupon = £2.50 Nestle Cookie Dough, 16-16.5 oz, £2.50

Sargento Shredded cheese, select Sale: £2.50 Coupons: £1/2 or .75/2 coupon for Reserve Series cheese from 6/27 SS or HT digital coupons, .75/2 coupon from HT digital coupons or Smart Shopper coupons link

Simply Mashed Potatoes, 24 oz, £2.50 Hormel Sides, 20 oz, £2.99 Frigo String Cheese, 6.32-12 oz, £3.33 - .75/1 Ibotta cash back offer

Chobani Greek Yogurt, Flips or Probiotic Drinks, 4 pack, £4 Danimals Smoothies 6-Pack, YoCrunch, Light+Fit, and Activia 4-Packs Sale: BOGO

Coupons: £1 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link or £1/2 coupon from 5/23 SS Oscar Mayer Lunchables or P3 Singles, select, BOGO


Harris Teeter Whipped Topping, 8 oz, BOGO for £0.74 each Harris Teeter Garlic Bread, 16 oz, BOGO for £0.99 each

Harris Teeter Steamable Vegetables, select, 12 oz, £1 Harris Teeter Pie Crust, 2 pack, select, frozen, BOGO for £1.24 each Blue Bunny Load'D Sundaes, 8.5 oz, BOGO for £1.64 each - .55/1 coupon when you sign up on their website

Toaster Strudel, 6 count, £1.66 De Wafelbakkers Pancakes, 18 count, BOGO for £1.99 each Mrs.

T's Pierogies, 12 count, BOGO for £1.99 each Edy's Ice Cream, 1.5 qt, BOGO for £2.39 each Birch Benders Keto Waffles, 6 count, BOGO for £2.49 each - £1 Ibotta cash back offer

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers or Marie Callender's Bowls, 9.5-13 oz, £2.50 Fairlife Ice Cream, 14 oz, BOGO for £2.84 each - £1 and £2 Ibotta cash back offers Harris Teeter Rising Crust Pizza, select, BOGO for £2.84 each

Garden Lites Frittatas or Muffins, 6 count, BOGO for £2.99 each Breyers ice cream, 1.5 qt, BOGO for £3.19 each Harris Teeter Frozen Fruit, 16 oz, £3.33

MorningStar Farms patties, strips or nuggets, 5.25-10.5 oz, £3.33 - £1/1 Kellogg's coupons from when you redeem 850 points

Shelf Stable

Harris Teeter Ketchup, 24 oz, £0.89 Harris Teeter Spicy Brown Mustard, 12 oz, £0.89 Annie's Mac & Cheese, select, £1

Betty Crocker Helpers, select, £1 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars, 10.4 oz, £2 - £1/1 Kellogg's coupons from when you redeem 850 points = £1 Kind Bars, select, £1 - £1.50/2 Ibotta cash back offer for Kind Energy

Rice-A-Roni, select, £1 Texas Toast Croutons, 5 oz, £1 Harris Teeter Saltine Crackers, 16 oz, BOGO for £1.14 each

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, select 4.5-8 oz, BOGO for £1.19 each - .50/2 coupon from 7/18 SS Betty Cake or Brownie Mix, select, £1.25 Kraft salad dressing, 16 oz, BOGO for £1.39 each

Bertolli pasta sauce, 24 oz, BOGO for £1.44 each Harris Teeter Fruit Cups or Ready Fruit Go, 4 pack, £1.50 Harris Teeter sodas, 12 pack cans, Buy 2 Get 3 Free (reg. £3.99 each), limit 10 = £1.60 each when you buy 5 at the same time

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, select, £1.66 - .50/2 coupon from 7/18 SS Harris Teeter Cranberry Juice Cocktails, 64 oz, £1.69 Nabisco Ritz Crackers or Toasted Chips, Cheese, Crispers, select, BOGO for £1.99 to £2.39 each - .75/2 or £1/3 coupon from 6/27 SS (exp 8/7)

Old El Paso Squeezable Sauce, 9 oz, £2 Simple Truth Organic Tortilla Chips, 9 oz, £2 Keebler Club Crackers, 11-12.5 oz, BOGO for £2.24 each - £1/2 coupon from 7/25 Save or £1/1 Kellogg's coupons from when you redeem 850 points

Kellogg's Cereal, select, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies or Frosted Flakes, 10-13 oz Sale: BOGO for £2.24 each Coupons: £1/1 Kellogg's coupons from when you redeem 850 points, £1/3 coupon from 7/25 Save, various cereal coupons from in the coupons tab, £3/5 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons or HT digital coupons

Total after £1/1 coupon = £1.24 Utz Pretzels, 16 oz, BOGO for £1.84 each Kettle Potato Chips, 8.5 oz, BOGO for £1.99 each

Coca-Cola products, 6 pack bottles, 4 for £10 Fritos, Cheetos, Popcorners or Rold Gold Pretzels, 7-16 oz, £2.50 Pepsi products, 8 count bottles, BOGO for £2.99 each

HT Traders Sparkling Water, 12 pack, 12 oz cans, £3.33 Harris Teeter Nuts, select, 8-9 oz, £3.99 Simple Truth Organic Chunk Chicken Breast, 4 pack cans, £7.99

Chex Mix Snack Mix or Bugles, select, 7.5-8.75 oz, BOGO - .50/2 coupons from HT digital coupons or 7/18 SS Dave's Killer Bread, English Muffins or Bagels, 13-16.75 oz, BOGO Nature's Bakery Fig Bars, 12 oz, BOGO - .75 Ibotta cash back offer

Old El Paso Dinner Kits, select, BOGO Suddenly Salad, select, BOGO Buy 4 or More Save £1 on Each (when purchased in same transaction)

General Mills cereal, select, 8.9-12 oz Sale: £2.99 - £1 per box when you buy 4 or more Coupons: £1/2 HT digital coupons, £1.50/3 coupon from 7/11 SS

Nature Valley Granola Bats, Fiber One Bars, or General Mills Treat Bars, select Sale: £2.49 - £1 per box when you buy 4 or more Coupons: £0.50/2 HT digital coupon, .50/1 coupon for select Trix or Cocoa Puffs treat bars and Nature Valley Soft Baked Muffin Bars from 7/18 SS (if included in sale)


Harris Teeter Facial Tissues, 66-160 count, 5 for £4

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, 6 Mega Rolls, £5.99 - £1 coupon from 7/18 Save or .50 coupon from = £4.99 Pom Floral Bunches, £3.33 Abound Dog Food, 13.2 oz can, 3 for £4

Box Tops Offer

Get 50 bonus Box Tops when you buy 5 participating products from 7/1/21-8/31/21.

According to the HArris Teeter ad, to redeem, your eligible receipt showing 5 participating BTFE products purchased in a single transaction at Harris Teeter must be scanned in the App within 14 days of your purchase. Yoplait Single Serve cups do not qualify for any bonus Box Tops offers. See for details.

See participating products in the ad. . The sale prices above are valid with your Harris Teeter e-Vic reward card at most Raleigh, NC area locations.

You can verify the prices for your specific store online at The list above is not a guarantee of price.

Harris Teeter Regular Double Coupon Policy Basics

Harris Teeter doubles coupons every day of the week automatically. Coupons with a face value of £0.99 or less are doubled automatically everyday (unless the coupon indicated Do Not Double).

Harris Teeter will double up to 20 coupons per day, per household. Harris Teeter will double up to 3 identical coupons (must have required product to go with each coupon). BOGO sales ring up at half price.

If you just buy one, it still rings up at half price. You can use a coupon on each item in a BOGO deal. So, if you buy 2 items that are BOGO, you can use two coupons (which is a very good thing!).

Shoppers cannot use a coupon with a rain check. Rain checks expire in 60 days. Senior discount: Seniors 60 and older receive a 5% discount every Thursday.

Discount applies after coupons are deducted. Harris Teeter digital e-coupons: Harris Teeter digital coupons are available to load to your Vic card. These digital coupons CANNOT be combined with paper manufacturer's coupons.

They will not double. The official Harris Teeter Coupon Policy can be found on their website.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupon Policy Basics

Harris Teeter offers the Super Doubles Promotion on a regular basis. When they offer the promotion, we will let you know before it starts.

During the pandemic, Harris Teeter is not offering Super Doubles events. * HT should be Super Doubling coupons worth up to £2 face value. This means that a £1.00 coupon will double to £2.00, a £1.50 coupon will double to £3.00 and a £2.00 coupon will double to £4.00!

* HT begins super doubling coupons at 7:00 AM on the first day of the sale.

24 hour stores do not super double coupons before 7:00 AM on the first day (at least that is how it has always worked in the past). Your best bet is to get to the store before 7 am if you want to get the freebies and best deals. Some people get there at 6:15 am or earlier and then wait in line until the register allows coupons to begin Super Doubling at 7 am.

* HT will super double/double up to 20 coupons per household per day. Spouse's cards registered with the same address are linked because the policy is 20 per household, per day. If you have twenty £1 coupons and twenty .75 coupons, only 20 total will double.

They will not double 20 coupons that are under £1 and also super double another 20 coupons that are over £1. It's 20 total coupons that are £2 or less doubled per day. * HT policy is to double up to 3 identical coupons (as long as you buy the product required for each coupon, of course).

So, if you have five £1.00 coupons for a product, the policy is to only super double the first three. The other 2 will be accepted at face value. * Printable coupons: HT will accept 3 printable coupons per like item, per store, per day, according to their policy.

So if you buy 3 identical items and you have a printable coupon for each one, you can use all three. * New Raincheck policy as of March 29, 2017: Harris Teeter will no longer let customers combine a raincheck with a coupon for the same item. In addition, rainchecks now expire 60 days after they are issued.

* If your store is out of your favorite deals (and they will be out of some of them) ask the customer service folks when the next truck arrives so you know when they will be restocking. * Enjoy the deals you are able to get and please remember that many of the best deals will sell out quickly. The stores will reorder those items, but often, the warehouse runs out so they cannot get the stock.

Please be nice to the store employees as it is not their fault if items are out of stock.

And if you are excited about your great deals, give Harris Teeter a call at their Customer Service number, send them an e-mail via their website or post a comment to their Facebook page to thank them.

Happy Shopping!

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