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Best cheap mattress deals UK for May 2021: the dreamiest discounts from the best brands

This article is dedicated to bringing you the best cheap mattress deals around, whenever you choose to shop. We’ve dedicated many, many nights to testing out the best mattresses around, and below you’ll find a guide to the biggest discounts on our favo…

This article is dedicated to bringing you the best cheap mattress deals around, whenever you choose to shop. We've dedicated many, many nights to testing out the best mattresses around, and below you'll find a guide to the biggest discounts on our favourite models, plus a quick bullet guide to all the mattress sales running now, and a rundown of 6 cheap mattresses that represent great value, even without a discount applied. If you're not sure on the kind of mattress you want, our memory foam vs spring mattress explainer will help (and if you want the latter, you might also want to peruse our pick of the best memory foam mattresses). 

Our favourite cheap mattress deal this week comes from Emma.

We have a T3 exclusive code: knock a massive 42% off everything at Emma  by entering T42 at the checkout. Emma makes our top-rated mattress - the Emma Original - and this discount makes it truly incredible value. Visiting from the US?

Here are best US mattress deals

Best cheap mattress deals live now

Take a closer our pick of the best cheap mattress deals from the biggest brands, live right now...

Biggest discount

Otty mattress | Up to 40% off the full range
Otty has won multiple awards, and also shines when it comes to value. All of Otty's mattresses are hybrids, combining springs with memory foam. There's the Original, the Essential (which is an even cheaper, more basic model) and the PURE, which is an eco-friendly mattress made with bamboo and charcoal.

Head to our dedicated Otty discount codes and deals page for more info.View Deal

Eve Sleep | 20% off with the code MORNINGGLORY (min spend GBP500)
Eve's range includes encompasses three different options: Original, Premium (fancy) and Lighter (less fancy), all of which can be either all-foam or hybrid (springs + foam). All include Eve's 'next-gen' foam, which sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses, and a washable, removable cover (in sunny yellow, if you like!). Check out our Eve mattress review for more info, or explore our Eve discount codes and deals page.View Deal

Cheap mattress deals: Quick links

Want to browse yourself?

Here are all the mattress sales going on right now...

7 of the best cheap mattresses you can buy

(Image credit: Eve)

1. Eve Lighter

A simple foam mattress for great comfort and support


Sizes: Single - super king

Depth: 20cm Turn: No Filling: foam

Comfort: Medium/firm Trial: 100 nights Guarantee: 10 years

RRP: Single: GBP299, Double: GBP429, King: GBP529, Super King: GBP649

Reasons to buy

+Comfortable and supportive+Temperature regulating+Low motion transfer

Reasons to avoid

-No edge support-Initial memory foam smell

Coming in at the bargain end of the Eve mattress range, the Eve Lighter is a fantastic budget mattress that's essentially a scaled-down version of the Eve Original. It features just two layers: a top 3cm of 'Evecomfort' foam sitting on top of 16cm of high density base foam with contoured zones for pressure relief where you need it. The main difference between it and the Original is that you don't get the 3cm layer of memory foam.

That could be a bonus for many, as it means you don't get that memory foam sinking feeling, which can be a big turn-off for many. Instead you feel gently cradled, and you're less likely to find yourself overheating in the night. The Eve Lighter is rated as medium-firm, and it comes in a washable polyester cover to help keep things fresh.

You can find out everything in our Eve Lighter mattress review; bear in mind also that for a bit more money you can get a hybrid version of the Eve Lighter that includes an additional layer of pocket springs.

2. Silentnight Comfort Pocket Essentials 1000

You won't find a better cheap pocket sprung mattress


Sizes: Single - super king Depth: 24cm

Turn: No Filling: springs Comfort: Medium/firm

Trial: 60 nights Guarantee: 5 years RRP: Single: GBP249, Double: GBP329, King: GBP389

Reasons to buy

+Very comfortable+Great support for all sleeping styles+No need to turn

Reasons to avoid

-May be too firm for some

You'd be hard pushed to find a better cheap mattress than Silentnight's Pocket Essentials 1000.

It's already great value at its RRP, and there are often incredible deals to be found on Amazon, too (check out the widget above for the best price right now). The Pocket Essentials 1000 is a pocket sprung mattress, which means that each of its 1,000 springs is able to pivot within its own pocket, giving you individual tailored support and preventing motion transference so that you won't disturb your partner if you toss and turn in the night. This mattress comes with a soft knit cover that provides a sumptuous sleep surface and which is also hypoallergenic, and unlike other sprung mattresses there's no need to turn it; simply rotate it 180 degrees every six weeks or so for even settlement.

Rated as medium/firm it's a safe bet whatever your sleeping preference, and if you look around you'll find hundreds of satisfied reviews. The Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 is handmade in the UK, and if you buy from Silentnight you'll get a 60-night trial. 

3. The Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam

The best cheap memory foam mattress available


Sizes: Single - king

Depth: 18cm Turn: No Filling: memory foam

Comfort: Medium Trial: 60 nights Guarantee: 5 years

RRP: Single: GBP169, Double: GBP209, King: GBP249

Reasons to buy

+Zoned firmness levels +Removable and washable cover

Reasons to avoid

-Can feel hotter than other mattresses-Can smell a bit for the first few days

You might hesitate to buy a memory foam mattress that's as cheap as this, but a Which? Best Buy award and a stack of positive reviews online say that the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Mattress is a bargain worth grabbing. It features a 3cm layer of responsive, body-moulding memory foam, giving your entire body pressure-relieving comfort and support, with softer support for your shoulders and firmer support for your lower back and hips.

It's not as thick as Silentnight's Pocket Essentials 1000, but it's still a perfectly comfortable mattress that's designed to reduce motion transfer. It's Purotex-treated to reduce moisture and allergens, and like most foam mattresses it comes vacuum-packed. You might notice an odd smell when you unwrap it, but that's just the fresh foam, and the smell will dissipate after a few days.

In all this is one of the best budget memory foam mattresses that you can buy, and there are some great additional discounts to be found right now.

(Image credit: Happy Beds)

4. Happy Beds Deluxe Memory Spring Rolled Mattress

A fantastic hybrid mattress with some amazing offers right now


Sizes: Small single - super king

Depth: 18cm Turn: No Filling: Foam/springs

Comfort: Medium-firm Guarantee: 5 years RRP: Single: GBP174.99, Double: GBP199.99, King: GBP234.99

Reasons to buy


Reasons to avoid

-Possibly too soft for some

If you're after a hybrid mattress that combines the best qualities of foam and springs and won't cost you a fortune, there are some incredible savings to be made on this fantastic option from Happy Beds right now. The Deluxe Memory mattress uses 10mm of reflex foam and 20mm of memory foam on top of a coil spring system to provide plenty of support and comfort, with more traditional bounce than you'll find in a foam-only mattress.

It's a UK-made mattress that uses sanitised materials to provide hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite properties, making it an excellent choice for allergy and asthma sufferers, while its all-around support make it a good orthopaedic option for anyone with back or joint problems. It's another mattress that only needs to be rotated every six weeks rather than turned, and while those RRPs look fairly enticing, again there are often deals to be had that take the price even lower. 

5. Ikea Morgedal

An award-winning budget foam mattress at a great price


Sizes: Single - king

Depth: 18cm Turn: Yes Filling: memory foam

Comfort: medium Trial: 90 nights Guarantee: 25 years

RRP: Single: GBP125, Double: GBP165, King: GBP195

Reasons to buy

+Won awards+Comfortable

Reasons to avoid

-No bells and whistles

There's nothing particularly special about IKEA's Morgedal mattress. It's a straightforward and resilient budget mattress that's more or less a thick chunk of foam in a polyester cover, and while it has comfort zones that provide pressure relief and support where you need it, that's about the extent of its features. Don't let that put you off, though, because this is a brilliant budget option that's won a Which?

Best Buy award, and while you can get cheaper mattresses from IKEA, this is the one that's likely to give you the best night's sleep, and there's a 90-day trial period so that you can make sure it's right for you.

(Image credit: Happy Beds)

6. Happy Beds Balmoral 3500 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

A luxurious hybrid mattress that's almost fit for a queen


Sizes: Small single - super king size

Depth: 25cm Turn: No Filling: Foam/springs

Comfort: Medium/firm Guarantee: 5 years RRP: Single: GBP344.99, Double: GBP514.99, King: GBP559.99

Reasons to buy

+Great value+Individually nested pocket springs+Supportive and comfortable

For an even more deluxe option from Happy Beds, check out its Balmoral Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress.

While nobody's actually claiming that these might be found on the beds at Balmoral, there's definitely a level of regal comfort on offer here that you'll want to take advantage of. Boasting exceptional materials and an innovative design, the Balmoral is 25cm thick and features 30mm of memory foam that contours to your body, retains heat and provides spine and joint support, plus a layer of reflex foam to keep the mattress feeling firm and sturdy. And beneath that there's a layer of individually nested pocket springs that provide an undisturbed sleeping surface and isolate restless movement.

Air vents help the mattress breathe and will keep it fresh for years, and you'll only need to rotate it every six weeks rather than turn it. Now, we know those RRPs look a little steep for a budget mattress, but as with the other Happy Beds mattress listed here, there are regularly stunning bargains to be had.

(Image credit: Happy Beds)


Dormeo Memory Silver Plus Rolled Mattress

A great low-budget memory foam mattress with a 60-night trial


Sizes: Single - super king Depth: 17cm Turn: No

Filling: Memory foam Comfort: Medium Trial: 60 nights

Guarantee: 15 years RRP: Single: GBP649.99, Double: GBP749.99, King: GBP899.99

Reasons to buy

+Enriched with silver thread +60-night trial+15 year guarantee

Reasons to avoid

-Beware paying full price

Don't let those RRPs frighten you; they look intimidating but you'd have to be extremely unlucky to ever have to pay anything even approaching full price for a Dormeo mattress. Regular deals mean you can often pick the Dormeo's Memory Silver Plus mattress up for an absolute snip, especially for a mattress that's literally covered in silver.

Not completely, obviously, but the mattress's luxury cover is, says Dormeo, enriched with silver fibres that help eliminate bad mattress smells with their anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties as well as acting as an anti-static shield that can protect the mattress from allergy-provoking dust particles. Beneath the silvery cover is 3cm of memory foam that's sewn directly into the cover to help prevent restless tossing and turning, and there's 14cm of breathable Ecocell foam underneath it to provide plenty of support. Dormeo offers a 60 night trial so you can find out for yourself whether all these features add up to a comfortable night's sleep, and the 15-year guarantee is a tough one to beat. 

Black Friday mattress deals: When's the best time to bag a cheap mattress? 

The winter sales are probably the best time to buy a mattress.

The annual Black Friday mattress sales typically take prices down to the lowest they're going to be (although there's a bit of a trend developing for brands matching their Black Friday offers in the summer). 

2020's event took place on 27 Nov, with Cyber Monday following on 30 Nov, and despite it being a very tough year for retail, thanks in part to the effects of the pandemic, there were still some excellent cheap mattress deals to take advantage of. To give you an idea of what to expect in next year's sale, we can look at the trends from previous years. When do the Black Friday mattress sales go live?

In 2020, sales started early and lasted longer than usual. The UK lagged a bit behind the US in launching its Black Friday mattress deals, but by mid November almost all the big brands had launched their official Black Friday offer (a number of brands started upping their discounts in late October).  For the most part, prices didn't drop any further on Black Friday or Cyber Monday themselves (the exception was Eve).

Most offers ended either on the night of Cyber Monday or a few days later. From this, we'd suggest its not worth waiting until the 'official' day to purchase - you might be able to dodge the delivery backlog by ordering a week or so before Black Friday.  Where are the best Black Friday mattress deals? 

Every year, pretty much all the big brands and retailers get involved to offer some kind of price drop, freebie, or discount code. Who gave the biggest discounts? Emma, Eve and Simba dropped prices by up to 35%, while OTTY was more generous, giving shoppers up to 45% off.

Nectar knocked a flat GBP125 off its full range, and threw in two free pillows. So, decent deals all round.  There were also sales and price matching at the likes of John Lewis and Amazon.

And of course, major price drops at specialist third party retailers, but those places have sales on all year round, so it's worth taking pricing with a pinch of salt.  The only other thing to be aware of is that T3 often manages to swing extra discounts for our readers. For Black Friday 2020, we had special extra discount codes for Emma and Nectar, for example.

So it's worth bookmaking this page to make sure you don't miss anything.