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Unique Valentine’s Day presents – find the perfect gift for the man or woman in your life

This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission on items purchased through article, though that does not affect our editorial judgement.

Look, we hear the arguments against Valentine’s Day, and they’re fair. Yes, you can discu…

This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission on items purchased through article, though that does not affect our editorial judgement. Look, we hear the arguments against Valentine's Day, and they're fair.

Yes, you can discuss the commercialism, and certainly, any relationship that relies on specific days to remind you to show you care probably needs to do a bit of a status check. And of course - being single is great, and Valentine's Day can sometimes feel like an affront to that.   But, to counter those valid points, consider - it's been a long year.

Every one has been through it, in one way or another. The prospect of buying a gift to show the people who you love that you're thinking of them? Well, that's only going to make the world happier.  

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The suggestions on this list are intended as fun, colourful ways of bringing a little cheer into people's lives.

A bright red lipstick sent to a best friend who is home-schooling and working at the same time? Sure to elicit a smile. PJs for a boyfriend who is delivering parcels in the foulest of weather for work?

A lovely thought. A self-gift of a great recipe book? We don't want to lean into cheesy sentiment, but we'd wager you've earnt it at this point.  

Here we go... 

Look Of Love Valentine's Gift Set


seriously impressing a beauty fan

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Want to seriously impress a beauty fan? This gorgeous set from Harvey Nicks features the hottest names in beauty - from Marc Jacobs, to Fenty, to Tom Ford's latest fragrance. It's sumptuously displayed and even comes with a half bottle of champagne, so your lady love can have a tipple as she tries things on.

Full Contents: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer - Fu££y Marc Jacobs At Lash'd Lengthening and Curling Mascara Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau De Parfum 10ml Evermore London Flore Candle 300g Harvey Nichols No.8 Raspberry & Coconut Ice 125g Harvey Nichols Premier Cru Brut Champagne NV Half Bottle 375ml Fenty Beauty Pink Compact Mirror Marc Jacobs Mini Highliner - Blacquer

Tom Ford Signature Ombre Leather Eau de ToiletteTom Ford Signature Ombre Leather Eau de Toilette

Tom Ford Signature Ombre Leather Eau de Toilette


a heady, sexy scent

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Tom Ford - the world's most dapper Texan native - sought to replicate the scent of luxury leather with this fragrance, and his success is uncanny. Soft, sexy, long-lasting, this is one of those special scents that has genuinely made this writer's knees weaken - it's utterly addictive.

Ostensibly masculine, this also smells chic and sultry on a lady. The type of scent you adore inhaling when embracing your beloved.

One Night Glamping Break for Two - UK WideOne Night Glamping Break for Two - UK Wide

One Night Glamping Break for Two - UK Wide


a future adventure

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You can't get away at the moment, but give a promissory note to your love for a night glamping in the future. Choose from a range of beautiful locations across the UK, and make the most of your stay in a super comfortable, clean and utterly fabulous pod, cabin or wigwam - the most stylish and modern alternative to traditional camping.

With 20 months to redeem your voucher, you're investing in a future adventure for you to enjoy.

Elemis Aching Muscle Super SoakElemis Aching Muscle Super Soak

Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak


sporty types

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If you share a life with someone who is awfully sporty, they'll adore you for introducing them to Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak. At first glance, it's not romantic, but trust us: it will improve their lives. A skin-softening, gorgeously aromatic cream that naturally foams in a bath, it completely revivifies tired muscles.

Creating an aroma therapeutic atmosphere, their punished bodies will feel cosseting and cared for - and they'll love you for it (not least of us because most people would baulk at buying a bath soak so expensive for themselves).

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser


anyone missing the pub

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Missing heading down the pub with your sweetheart for a freshly drawn pint? You'll love this - and so will there. Successfully pitched on Shark Tank, it utilises soundwaves to transform a standard canned or bottled beer into a pub-grade draft pour.

Gosh, it works - the body of the beer tastes creamier, the head foams perfectly. Especially great for Guinness

Fiorella FluteFiorella Flute

Fiorella Flute


a drop of splosh

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Fabulous champagne flutes are a must in any adult's household. These are lush. 

Gucci Rouge a Levres Satin LipstickGucci Rouge a Levres Satin Lipstick

Gucci Rouge a Levres Satin Lipstick


a spot of glam

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When buying a lipstick for a loved one, follow a few cardinal rules.

First, ensure it's a brand renowned for good formulations - such as Gucci. Second, make sure the packaging is suitably grand: part of what is so pleasing about lipsticks is great packaging. Thirdly, if you're not sure on a shade, be assured every woman looks amazing in a bold, classic red.

Teeth whiter, skin brighter. It's a winner. 

Glossier YouGlossier You

Glossier You


a smart, unisex scent

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This perfume smells akin to a product from a high-end brand that is triple the price. It has a certain delightful filthiness to it - musky, woody, but not heady, a definite scent but never over-powering.

A subtly seductive smell. Unisex, we admit the bottle is a bit prosaic, but the contents are par excellance. 

Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth SpeakerMarshall Stockwell II Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth Speaker


serious musos

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Any musician knows all too well how fantastic Marshall are for sound. This small, portable bluetooth speaker will make any muso in your life grin - then rock out. 

A Humument: A Treated Victorian NovelA Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel

A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel


art and poetry lovers

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This is stunning, a singular mixture of artwork and poetry.

Venerated artist Tom Philips found a Victorian novel in a second hand bookstore and drew, painted, and collaged abstract images atop it, only letting certain phrases peep through. These words create evocative poetry, a non-linear narrative of lovelorn romantic Toge.   There's literally nothing quite like it: in Philips' own words,  "It is a forgotten Victorian novel found by chance ...

I plundered, mined, and undermined its text to make it yield the ghosts of other possible stories, scenes, poems and replaced the text stripped away with visual images of all kinds."

Enacfire SoundtankEnacfire Soundtank

Enacfire Soundtank



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We love this bass-heavy, portable speaker, which plays for 24 hours off a single charge.  Best of all, it's waterproof, meaning we weren't nervous to take it into the bathroom to listen to while in a bath - it can withstand splashes. Perfect for someone who loves a long hot soak. 

Top Gun PyjamasTop Gun Pyjamas

Top Gun Pyjamas


fancy flyers

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Feel the need, the need for speed with these men's Top Gun pyjamas - ideal for a husband or boyfriend who adores Maverick and the fly boys. 

That Boutique-y Whisky Co Tasting SetThat Boutique-y Whisky Co Tasting Set

That Boutique-y Whisky Co Tasting Set


trialling whisky

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Our whisky-loving other half has never had a whisky tasting set from That Boutique-y Whisky Company they haven't raved about, and this is no exception. 

In terms of value for money, they're exceptional, finding unusual drams from renowned Scottish and Japanese distilleries. It's an ideal way of tasting new whiskies ahead of committing to an entire bottle. 

F*k I'm Flawless concealerF*k I'm Flawless concealer

F*k I'm Flawless concealer


discerning beauty mavens

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Rosie Huntington-Whitley swears by this concealer, and the woman is an absolutely authority on how to look good.  Comfortable, lightweight and long-lasting, this product builds beautifully.

Buyer warning though: you need to have a good read on your recipient's skin tone ahead of purchase. 

Valentine's Day CardValentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day Card


a cute card

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In the main, cutesiness makes us break out in hives, but we received this card and have to confess, wearing a badge emblazoned with 'totally loved' all day is great for lifting the mood.

Staub Heart-shaped cast iron cocotte 20cmStaub Heart-shaped cast iron cocotte 20cm

Staub Heart-shaped cast iron cocotte 20cm


the consummate chef

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Staub make some of the best cast iron cookware on the market. This heart-shaped cocotte isn't sickeningly cutesy, but definitely romantic. 

Gold Whisky Stones Gift SetGold Whisky Stones Gift Set

Gold Whisky Stones Gift Set


fans of neat whisky

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If you know a neat whisky drinker, these whisky stones offer them the chance to cool down their pour without watering it down. 

Create Your Own Reel ViewerCreate Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer


a thoughtful, personal gift

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Remember view-finders? If you've a soft spot for the 80s toy, this is lovely.

Send in your favourite photos of you and your beloved and they'll be turned into their own reel to watch through the accompanying view-finder sent to you. So sweet. 

Personalised Scratch The World(R) Travel Edition Map Personalised Scratch The World(R) Travel Edition Map

Personalised Scratch The World(R) Travel Edition Map


anyone with wanderlust

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If you're a couple that loves travelling, firstly, our sympathies - it's been a trying time. That aside, remember good times with this scratchable map, where you can mark the territories you've already been to, and consider where you want to head next when we're allowed. 

Hawksmoor: Restaurants & Recipes CookbookHawksmoor: Restaurants & Recipes Cookbook

Hawksmoor: Restaurants & Recipes Cookbook


meat aficionados

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Hawksmoor have a series of utterly beloved steakhouses, for good cause - they know their way around a piece of meat (and they make damn fine cocktails too). 

This book is a veritable bible for turning meat into char-grilled perfection, making a luscious mac'n'cheese, and mastering their exquisite salads - not to mention how to mix the perfect accompanying drink. 

Soma Moon & Starburst Mismatched Green Statement EarringsSoma Moon & Starburst Mismatched Green Statement Earrings

Soma Moon & Starburst Mismatched Green Statement Earrings


stylish jewellery

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If you ever promised the stars and the moons to your love, this is the perfect way to deliver on those vows. These mismatched earrings are chic and oh-so-cool. 

Make Your Own Hot Sauce KitMake Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit


spicy food fans

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Get your heart rate racing with this fabulous make-your-own-hot-sauce kit, ideal for a paramour who loves spice. Produce a piquant variety of hot sauces, featuring cayenne, ancho, curry, and chilli spice packs. 

Combine the spices with the included peppers, vinegars, and garlic to create your own handcrafted condiments. 

Diamond GlassesDiamond Glasses

Diamond Glasses


drinking with panache

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If your significant other is fond of a dram, help them to indulge in style with these beautiful diamond tumblers. 

Peanuts Printed Wooden Skateboard Peanuts Printed Wooden Skateboard

Peanuts Printed Wooden Skateboard


anyone who grew up reading Peanuts

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We all know Snoopy is the coolest character in Peanuts. This fabulous skateboard is intended for display. 

The Before Trilogy (Criterion Collection) (Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Before Midnight) The Before Trilogy (Criterion Collection) (Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Before Midnight)

The Before Trilogy (Criterion Collection) (Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Before Midnight)


a cineliterate lover

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For our money, the Before trilogy is one of the most romantic, and realistic, depictions of falling in love (and what happens to that wonderful feeling over time) committed to film. The Criterion edition is a must-have for any cinema lover. 

Some Body To LoveSome Body To Love

Some Body To Love


those who love thoughtful true stories

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A sensitively written, wise and joyful look at the way that families can crack apart and then reconfigure.

Author Alexandra Heminsley had a three month old baby when her adored husband told her he needed to transition.

Her telling of their family tale is so warm, observant, and kind, and perfectly illustrates how malleable love can be.