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Trick to get £43 of No7 for £11.50 (was £117 of No7 beauty products for £20) online via deals stacking – MoneySavingExpert

How to get £43 of products for £11.50 (was £117 for £20)
1) Choose £20 of No7 products, incl two via a special link to get a ‘free gift’. Be sure to include at least two from this selection of No7 make-up products* in order to get the ‘f…

How to get GBP43 of products for GBP11.50 (was GBP117 for GBP20)

1) Choose GBP20 of No7 products, incl two via a special link to get a 'free gift'. Be sure to include at least two from this selection of No7 make-up products* in order to get the 'free gift' offer, where you get a free GBP20 make-up palette when you buy two or more eligible items. The best combo I found to hit the GBP20 spend in order to use the coupon code below, and give the max saving is an GBP8 eyeliner* plus a GBP12 (norm GBP15) mascara*. Get those two products and at this stage you've got GBP23 of No7 for GBP20, but don't 'lash' out, we can do better than that...
2) The 'free gift' is a Kiss & Cheek palette* (norm GBP20). After following the step above, the 'free gift' should add automatically to the basket, while stock lasts.

The palette includes one cream highlighter, and five cream lip/cheek colours. And just like that, you've got GBP43 of No7 for GBP20 - now it's time for a 'cheeky' voucher...
3) Use code to get GBP10 off your GBP20 basket. You can get GBP10 off a GBP20 spend using the coupon code NO7SAVE10 at the checkout. It's valid on No7 beauty products until 11.59pm on Wed 12 Aug.

You can't use it on most clearance or already discounted items, so you can't count those towards your GBP20 spend. Though confusingly, it does work on the above mascara. Et voila! You've still got GBP43 of No7 but we've knocked a tenner off the cost, giving you GBP43 of make-up for GBP10, plus GBP1.50 if you collect in store (or GBP3.50 if you want it delivered).

Sadly, you can no longer do these next steps to get GBP117 of products for GBP20 as the 'Fresh and Fabulous' set in step 4 is now sold out, and this is needed to be able to do steps 5 and 6. 4) Add two GBP5 No7 'Fresh and Fabulous' sets. Here's where it gets interesting. You can't get the online code discount on the 'Fresh and Fabulous' sets*, but as they're GBP5 for GBP37 of contents (GBP17 of minis plus a voucher for a GBP20 eye cream, the end date of which has been extended to Mon 31 Aug), when you add two, your total will be GBP20 (see screenshot below for what your basket should look like at this point).

Boots told us stock of this set is "good", but it's still limited so worth going quickly if you want this.
5) You can pick up your order for free. As it's an online offer, you can collect in store for free because your order is GBP20 (the minimum threshold for free collection). If you'd prefer it delivered, you'll need to pay GBP3.50 delivery.

6) Once you've collected all that, get GBP40 of eye cream when you exchange two GBP20 vouchers. The GBP5 No7 sets (in point 4) come with a voucher inside them that you can exchange for your choice of No7 eye cream, which are normally up to GBP20 each.

As you're already in store having picked up your items, you can open them and exchange the vouchers to get the full amount.