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SKUx Appoints Jack Lord as Senior Vice President of Sales to Drive Rapid Adoption of Company’s Groundbreaking Payment-based Offers Platform

Lord Joins Highly Accomplished Management Team on Mission to Transform Obsolete Coupon, Offers and Settlement System Impeding Today's Retailers and Consumer Brands ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Sept.

21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SKUx, an innovative fintech company redefining the way consumer offers are delivered, redeemed, settled and reported, today announced the appointment of Jack Lord, a highly accomplished growth leader, as senior vice president of sales. Lord, who comes to SKUx from Blackhawk Network, has an exceptional track record of driving growth and business relationships for innovative payments and marketing services companies serving consumer goods and retail companies.

SKUx gives brands and retailers the power to deliver secure, intuitive digital offers anywhere, anytime, at the speed of today’s consumer.

SKUx gives brands and retailers the power to deliver secure, intuitive digital offers anywhere, anytime, at the speed of today's consumer.

Lord joins SKUx as the company pioneers a new fintech category of payment-based offers, called SKUPay(TM). SKUPay is set to replace today's outdated world and process of coupons, rebates, promotional offers, and settlement, solving long-term industry challenges for retailers, consumer brands, and marketing agencies and unlocking billions of dollars in value currently being lost to fraud and inefficiency. SKUx delivers a powerful end-to-end payments-based system across offer delivery, redemption, settlement and reporting that requires no special integration by retailers or brands.

"Jack is the right executive to help us move the industry beyond an old archaic system to a new world of payment-based offers and settlement while he drives our revenue and business development efforts forward," Jim Sampey, SKUx Co-Founder and CEO. "SKUx and the SKUPay category deliver breakthrough benefits for consumers, retailers and brand marketers alike. We're excited that Jack is joining the SKUx team." Lord held several senior leadership roles at Blackhawk, including group vice president of sales and services.

He managed a sales, services and channel organization of 300 people and helped grow Blackhawk sales to £11.5 billion, achieving a cumulative annual growth rate of plus-25 percent. SKUx and Blackhawk are strategic partners. Previously, Lord served as senior vice president of sales for Advantage Sales and Marketing, a global leader in outsourced sales and marketing solutions to consumer goods companies and retailers.

Story continues "SKUx is uniquely positioned to transform and turbocharge offers and settlement for the consumer products and retail industries," said Lord. "By virtually eliminating fraud and turning settlements into a daily occurrence for retailers, SKUPay creates massive value for our industry and its consumers. Brands will gain rapid insights into their promotional campaigns and unmatched flexibility and reach into the retail channels they serve and the consumers they engage.

I'm excited to be part of this payments transformation for our industry." The "Powered by SKUx(TM)" Difference: SKUx-powered payment-based offers reinvent and simplify the world of consumer offers to bring previously unachievable consumer engagement, trust, transparency, immediacy and control to consumer brands, marketers and retailers.

SKUPay works like currency, not an IOU like coupons. Key advantages include: About SKUx
A leading fintech innovator, SKUx gives brands and retailers the power to deliver secure, intuitive digital offers anywhere, anytime, at the speed of today's consumer.

SKUx transforms virtually any coupon, rebate, or promotional offer into payment-based offer for the world's leading retailers, brands, and marketing agencies. The company's patent-pending Smart Incentives(TM) platform as a service combines offer details, serialization, funding, and settlement to increase customer loyalty and create new opportunities for consumer engagement. The result - new incremental revenue, improved efficiency, and laser sharp transparency for all industry stakeholders.

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Kevin Sugarman
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SKUx Set To Displace Outdated Coupon and Settlement System That Costs Consumers Billions of Dollars in Lost Savings

Fintech Innovator Creates Brand New Category of Payment-based Offers, or SKUPay(TM), to Virtually End Coupon and Promotional Offer Fraud, Misredemption, Settlement Delays and Marketing Uncertainty. Powering Anywhere, Anytime Offers. St.

Petersburg, Florida (Sept.

14, 2021)--SKUx, an innovative fintech company redefining the way consumer offers are delivered, redeemed, settled and reported, today announced a game-changing new fintech category of payment-based offers, called SKUPay(TM). SKUPay is designed to replace today's archaic world and process of coupons, rebates, promotional offers, and settlement, freeing up billions of dollars in savings for consumers and solving long-term industry challenges for retailers, consumer brands, and marketing agencies. Powered by the SKUx platform, SKUPay transforms virtually any coupon, rebate, or promotional offer into an easy-to-use, serialized, single-use offer.

They can be delivered through virtually any channel of engagement and monitored and managed in near real-time to optimize campaign results and control costs. Because each offer powered by SKUx is serialized, fully trackable and redeemable only once, it eliminates fraud and misredemption. The system uniquely enables daily settlements for retailers without the need for a lengthy and costly coupon clearinghouse process.

"SKUPay offers are currency, not IOUs like coupons," said Jim Sampey, SKUx Co-Founder and CEO.  "They can be spent only once and solve long-time industry problems with process inefficiency, fraud, and misredemption. These challenges are often only exacerbated by today's digital coupons and cost brands and retailers billions of dollars. It's time to put that money to better use providing shoppers with greater savings and satisfaction in the products they buy."  

"SKUx empowers consumer brands and retailers to better serve and delight their customers. SKUPay is an intuitive, consumer-preferred solution that makes saving money easier than ever before. It provides unprecedented omnichannel reach and delivers timely and actionable campaign data to optimize engagement and drive increased revenue and sales," Sampey said. "SKUx makes every offer better."

SKUPay will further propel explosive growth within the mobile payment industry. The National Retail Federation and Forrester conducted a midyear 2020 survey showing broad acceptance of no-touch payments, which had increased to 69 percent of retailers. The U.S. is now the world's second-largest market for mobile payments with £465.1 billion worth of transactions in 2020 and volume expected to grow to £698 billion in 2023.

The "Powered by SKUx(TM)" Difference: SKUx and payment-based offers reinvent and simplify the world of consumer offers to bring unparalleled consumer engagement, trust, transparency, immediacy and control to consumer brands, marketers and retailers. Key advantages include:

  • Powers virtually any channel of consumer engagement -- anywhere you choose to deliver your incentive, from store shelves, email, social media, mobile, on-pack, display media, and more.
  • Eliminates fraud and misredemption -- replaces coupons, rebates, and promotional offers with trusted single-use, serialized offers that can be targeted down to the product SKU or UPC and automatically redeemed and processed without time-consuming and often inaccurate checkout clerk approvals.
  • Daily processing and settlement -- retailers can be reimbursed daily, not in weeks or months.
  • Unparalleled and immediate data visibility and control -- marketers can optimize campaign results and stay within predetermined budgets.
  • Intuitive and easy to use -- SKUPay is redeemable wherever mobile payments are accepted.

Deb Henretta, a former top executive at Procter & Gamble who held numerous senior leadership positions, including President of P&G Global e-Business, said the SKUPay category is a major leap forward for the industry. "Digital coupons just haven't solved many of the major challenges that retailers and consumer products companies like Procter & Gamble have grappled with for decades.

Coupon fraud, costly settlement processes and a lack of trust, transparency and visibility continue to plague us, said Henretta, an advisor to SKUx. "SKUx and payment-based offers address those challenges in a way our current system can never do." The SKUx Smart Incentives(TM) platform is already being used by leading consumer brands and retailers. In addition, SKUx is continuing to build a major partner ecosystem to further scale and enhance the value of its solution.

The company recently announced a partnership with Blackhawk Network, a leader in advanced payment solutions with prepaid products, technologies and network that connect brands and people. Other partnerships are coming. How it works

Brands, retailers and marketing service providers can quickly create campaigns utilizing digital SKUPay offers that run through the patent-pending SKUx Smart Incentives(TM) platform, where they are normalized, serialized, and given an individualized SKUx IDs for tracking. These offers reside in the SKUx platform and can be made readily available through virtually any channel of engagement. Upon check-out, the serialized offer is redeemed and the SKUx platform is updated, giving partners real-time access to redemption information.

Settlement occurs on a daily basis when the SKUx sends settlement amounts to balance the transaction. About SKUx
A leading fintech innovator, SKUx gives brands and retailers the power to deliver secure, intuitive digital offers anywhere, anytime, at the speed of today's consumer. SKUx transforms virtually any coupon, rebate, or promotional offer into payment-based offers for the world's leading retailers, brands, and marketing agencies.

The company's patent-pending Smart Incentives(TM) platform as a service combines offer details, serialization, funding, and settlement to increase customer loyalty and create new opportunities for consumer engagement.

The result - new incremental revenue, improved efficiency, and laser sharp transparency for all industry stakeholders.

For more information, visit

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Aldi opens first checkout-free supermarket in the UK

21 September 2021, 09:38 | Updated: 21 September 2021, 11:21

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The new Aldi trial store has been set up in a secret London location and works by using an app to charge you for your groceries.

Aldi is set to trial it's first ever checkout-free supermarket in London.

This means that customers can simply pick up their shopping and walk right out of the store, without having to face the queues.

Shoppers instead install an app on their phone and when they leave they are automatically charged and receive a receipt via email.

Customers will be able to walk straight out of the checkout free storeCustomers will be able to walk straight out of the checkout free store. Picture: Alamy

Aldi is keeping quiet about where the trial store is, but we do know it is somewhere in England's capital.

While staff are currently testing the technology, further trials are set to be carried out by members of the public.

Giles Hurley, chief executive officer for Aldi UK and Ireland said: "We are always looking to redefine what it means to be a discount retailer, and the technology involved in this trial will give us a wealth of learnings.

"We are really excited to be testing this concept that will enable customers to pick from our range of quality products, all available at unbeatable prices, then leave the store without having to pay at a till."

Amazon opened it's first 'Just Walk Out' stores earlier this yearAmazon opened it's first 'Just Walk Out' stores earlier this year. Picture: Alamy

This comes after Amazon opened a number of checkout free stores across London which use the same technology.

The Amazon Fresh shops - which are located in Ealing, Chalk Farm, White City, and Canary Wharf - use Artificial Intelligence and extensive camera sensors to track what customers have picked up from the shelves.

Shoppers need to sign in by scanning a QR code at the door, and they can then put items in their bag and leave straight away, with items being charged to their Amazon-linked card.

Amazon said at the time: "Amazon Fresh is the first convenience grocery store to offer Just Walk Out Technology in the UK.

"We offer a mix of everyday essentials, local favourites and seasonal items we think you'll want and love, all at great prices.

"We're also excited to offer delicious ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat meals.

"Our checkout-free shopping experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning.

"Just Walk Out Technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual basket.

"When you're done shopping, you can just leave the store."

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Boris Johnson accused of Brexit failure as he admits UK-US trade deal near back of queue in Biden’s priorities – live

Joe Biden speaking with Boris Johnson during a Nato summit earlier this year. Key events Show

Live feed Show

Boris Johnson looking up at a ceiling ornament in the UK diplomatic resident in New York yesterday when he was waiting to start his meeting with the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Covid-19 was the third leading cause of death in England in August, up from the ninth leading cause in July, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics this morning.

As PA Media reports, this is the highest ranking for Covid-19 since March, when it was also the third leading cause of death. In Wales, Covid-19 was the seventh leading cause of death in August, up from 22nd place in July and the highest ranking since March.

Jennifer Arcuri, who says she had a relationship with Boris Johnson while he was London mayor, will speak to the London assembly's oversight committee at 3pm this afternoon about claims that he included her on trade trips and supported her company as mayor without declaring their relationship. City AM has a preview here.

Johnson has not confirmed that the pair had a relationship, but earlier this year Downing Street claimed he had "no case to answer" in relation to the allegations.

Updated at 10.48am BST

Kwarteng says he would like to see 'more stable' energy market, implying fewer firms needed in future

Here are the main points from what Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, said in his interviews this morning about the energy crisis.

  • He hinted that the government could offer people more help with their bills. On ITV's Good Morning Britain, told that he needed to offer people hope, he replied:

You're right, and that's why I'm very keen to keep the warm home discount and also there are other winter fuel payments that we're looking at.

Asked if he had spoken to the chancellor about increasing the warm home discount, he replied:

We have discussions about the budget, and you will see what happens in the budget.

I can't possibly pre-empt or anticipate what will be in that budget ahead of time, you'll appreciate that.

Good Morning Britain (@GMB)

'You need to be able to offer them hope.'@susannareid100 challenges @KwasiKwarteng about why the warm home discount hasn't increased when the price cap has risen. She points out that the government is 'driving down' the living conditions of people in the UK.

September 21, 2021
  • He confirmed that the government was keeping the energy price cap, but would not rule out the level at which it is set rising next year.
  • He said that he hoped to arrange a solution to the carbon dioxide supply problem today. The problem has arisen because two UK fertiliser plants, owned by the American company CF Industries, have ceased production because the price of the gas that they need to function has risen too high.

    But those factories as a byproduct produce 60% of the food-grade CO2 used in packaging meat and dairy products to keep them fresh. The CO2 is also used for animal slaughter. Kwarteng said that he had spoken to the boss of CF Industries twice in the last two days and he told the Today programme he was "hopeful that we can get something sorted today" to get production running again in the next few days.

    He said this could involve some cost to the government. Any support offered would only be offered on a temporary basis, he said.

  • He said any support offered to gas companies would take the form of a loan. "It won't be just a grant, it won't be just a blank cheque," he said.
  • He suggested that in the long run he would like to see fewer companies in the energy market. He told Today:

Going forward, we want to see perhaps a more stable market in terms of the energy suppliers.

This is my third winter in post, either as energy minister or its business secretary, and each of those winters we've typically expected five to eight suppliers to exit the market. That's quite a volatile market in terms of the supplies.

This sounded like an admission that energy market liberalisation had gone too far. Kwarteng would not say how many energy suppliers he would like to see in the market (there were around 70 at the start of the year, but five have gone bust recently, and more are expected to follow).

But he did say he did not want to "go back to the old world where you had five or six companies essentially being able to charge what they wanted".

Kwasi Kwarteng (right) giving an interview in London this morning.

These are from Newsnight's Lewis Goodall on what Boris Johnson said about the proposed UK/US trade deal. (See 9.31am.)

Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall)

Revealing in a number of ways this

1) A deal (for all sorts of reasons) was always a remote possibility.
2) Rare admission (and contrary to most govt mood music) of limits of UK political sway.
3) But doesn't matter much because as we know, they don't add much to GDP anyway.

September 20, 2021 Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall)

Many Brexiters and ministers emphasised repeatedly the benefits of a US deal (the biggest deal available from any single country, so the biggest single state post-Brexit trade prize). This is the firmest indication yet that it won't happen any time soon.

September 20, 2021 Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall)

Indeed, you might argue that what PM is saying, in stating that Biden has other "fish to fry" isn't so far away from President Obama's 2016 "back of the queue". This is something then Mayor Johnson decried at the time.

September 20, 2021 Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall)

Obama was talking about slightly different things- saying US would prefer to make a deal with big trade blocs.

But both Obama then and Johnson curiously now, was/are making a similar point- that the UK could only expect so much attention on a Capitol Hill with a full agenda.

September 20, 2021 Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall)

That is a shift in what we've heard from the PM and ministers before.

September 20, 2021

Johnson accused of Brexit failure as he admits UK-US trade deal near back of queue in Biden's priorities

Good morning. It turns out the UK has ended up near the "back of the queue" after all. For five years now, since the referendum, Brexiters have been talking up the prospects of a free trade deal with the US, which, according to the enthusiasts, was going to offer huge benefits to the UK and was just around the corner.

Shortly after becoming prime minister in 2019, Boris Johnson even said he would like to see it concluded within a year.

But now Johnson has admitted, in terms, that Barack Obama was right, and that a trade deal with the UK is not a priority for Washington. Asked when it was happening, Johnson told reporters travelling with him to the US: "I wouldn't hold your breath." He went on:

The reality is that Joe [Biden] has a lot of fish to fry. He's got a huge infrastructure package, he's got a build back better package.

We want to do it, but what we want is a good free trade agreement. And I would much rather get a deal that really works for the UK than get a quick deal.

My colleagues Heather Stewart and David Smith have the full story. This morning, in an interview with the Today programme, Kwasi Kwarteng, claimed that this did not mean that the trade deal had been shelved.

He said:

I don't think it's on the back burner, but I think what the prime minister said - in fact, I know that's what he thinks and what's what he said - is that it's much better to take our time to get a really good deal with US than simply to rush the process and get a bad deal.

Asked how long a deal might take, he said:

I'm hopeful that we can we can we can get there, but I can't give you a time as to how long it will take. Trade deals can can take very different amounts of time and I can't possibly guess how long this one will particular one will take.

But Nigel Farage, the former Ukip and Brexit party leader who for many years was the leading champion for Brexit in UK politics, accused Johnson of failure. Last night he posted this on Twitter.

Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage)

The government had many years to do a wide-reaching trade deal with America under the Trump administration.

It could have been done by now, but May and Johnson completely blew it.

September 20, 2021

Kwarteng's interviews this morning mostly focused on the energy crisis. My colleague Graeme Wearden has all the latest developments on that story on his business live blog.

Here is the agenda for the day.

9.30am: The Commons health and social care committee takes evidence from the Royal College of General Practitioners and other health experts on the treatment backlog created by the pandemic.

11.30am: Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, takes questions in the Commons.

After 12.30pm: MPs begin a debate on a Labour motion on the cost of living.

Lunchtime (UK time): Boris Johnson is interviewed by American broadcasters for their morning shows. He is also due to record interviews with British TV journalists.

1pm: Sir David Lidington, Theresa May's effective deputy when she was PM, speaks at the launch of a report from UK in a Changing Europe on global Britain.

Around 2.30pm: Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister, gives a statement to the Scottish parliament on Covid.

3am: Jennifer Arcuri gives evidence to the London assembly's oversight committee about her relationship with Boris Johnson when he was mayor.

Later Johnson will be meeting Joe Biden in the White House, but that is not due to happen until after 9pm UK time.

For more Covid coverage, do read our global live blog. I try to monitor the comments below the line (BTL) but it is impossible to read them all. If you have a direct question, do include "Andrew" in it somewhere and I'm more likely to find it.

I do try to answer questions, and if they are of general interest, I will post the question and reply above the line (ATL), although I can't promise to do this for everyone.

If you want to attract my attention quickly, it is probably better to use Twitter.

I'm on @AndrewSparrow.

Alternatively, you can email me at [email protected]

Updated at 10.33am BST

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Thousands of families face losing £140 during the UK’s gas crisis

Thousands of vulnerable customers could lose GBP140 warm home discount if their energy firm collapses. Uswitch has warned hard-up and cash strapped customers could lose over one hundred pounds in discounts. Ofgem is responsible for finding punters new suppliers - and there is no legal requirement for suppliers to offer the discounts.

READ MOREFirst Dates speechless over Birmingham doctor Abi's specialist field Any support for large energy companies taking on customers from those which collapsed will not be "a blank cheque". Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told BBC Breakfast: "Any support for those larger companies will be in terms of working capital, will be a loan, it won't be just a grant, it won't be just a blank cheque.

"It will be something where - if we do have this facility, if we do have this policy - they will be expected to pay back the loans, whereas in the case of a bailout, that's what it is. It's just a bailout where you grant money, taxpayers' money, and the taxpayer doesn't see any return from that." Stay up-to-date with the very latest from your street with our Birmingham News Email Updates.

And Mr Kwarteng did not rule out the energy price cap rising in April next year. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he was asked whether the cap could rise again once the current period expires, and he said: "There are always fears that the price cap may go up, but, of course, it can also go down. "We don't know, frankly, what the gas price is going to be in six months' time."

He said: "I'd love to be able to inform you six months ahead of time what the energy prices will be. "All I'm saying is that we are going to have a cap, we're not going to go back to the world where a few ... companies essentially can set whatever fees they want, whatever prices they want. That's not something that I want to see again."

Stay abreast of the latest on days out, nights out, shopping and more with our Daily What's On Email updates.

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Alok Sharma Has Insisted The UK’s Gas Supplies Are ‘Secure’ As Fears Grow Over Food Shortages

Alok Sharma Has Insisted The UK's Gas Supplies Are 'Secure' As Fears Grow Over Food Shortages

Alok Sharma has insisted the UK's gas supplies are secure

John Johnston

3 min read19 September The COP26 President said there was "no immediate concerns" over the UK's gas supplies despite soaring wholesale energy costs. Alok Sharma has attempted to calm fears that rising energy costs could result in food shortages across the UK as he insisted the public "shouldn't be concerned about the risk to supply".

Earlier this week, two major fertilizer plants which produce CO2 used in the food and drinks industry were forced to close due to a major hike in wholesale energy costs, prompting warnings from the sector that shortages could begin to hit supermarkets and restaurants within days. On Friday, PoliticsHome revealed that officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) had been told that supplies of beer, fizzy drinks and meat could all be impacted by the CO2 shortage, with ministers urged to take "swift" action to prevent further disruption to supply chains. Ranjit Singh Boparan, the owner of Bernard Matthews and 2 Sisters Food Group, warned deepening workforce shortages alongside the CO2 shortage could result in Christmas being "cancelled".

"There are less than 100 days left until Christmas and Bernard Matthews and my other poultry businesses are working harder than ever before to try and recruit people to maintain food supplies," he said. "The supply of Bernard Matthews turkeys this Christmas was already compromised as I need to find 1,000 extra workers to process supplies. Now with no CO2 supply, Christmas will be cancelled."

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr, Sharma admitted consumers would be "very concerned" by the price rises, but insisted the UK's gas supplies were "secure". "People of course will be very concerned about what they are reading in the papers, what they are hearing on the news but you will know the Business Secretary has been having very detailed conversations over the weekend, he will continue those on Monday with the sector," he said.

"The clear message is that people shouldn't be concerned about the risk to supply. A significant amount of our gas supplies come domestically. The imported gas comes primarily from countries such as Norway, so we are secure on that."

And he said that a cap on energy costs alongside financial support for those struggling with energy costs would remain in place throughout winter. He added: "Of course when it comes to prices there will be concern as well but we have the energy price cap, we have the Warm Homes Discount to protect people at this particular time." Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is set to hold further talks with energy industry leaders on Monday where he is expected to ask them to take further steps to avert a major increase in household energy bills over the winter.

But Labour's shadow business secretary Ed Miliband warned families would face further strain on their household budgets as he blamed ministers for a "fundamental failure" to prepare for the crisis. "It is a fundamental failure of long-term government planning over the last decade that we are so exposed and vulnerable as a country, and it is businesses and consumers that are paying the price," he said. "If we had been investing at sufficient scale in diverse, secure, zero carbon energy supplies and making energy efficiency a much bigger priority, we would not be in such a precarious position."

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Lenovo Top Sellers 2021: Checkout extra offers at Zoutons

Since the pandemic has taken over the world, work and education have slowly set foot in our homes due to which the demand for laptops and computers have increased manifolds. Moreover, the urgency to be connected with the world has never been felt before. However, nowadays, it's quite viable to buy a high-performance laptop or computers, especially at Lenovo as customers can not just get hold of the latest specifications but enable exciting discounts too.

We have put together a list of Lenovo top sellers 2021 and read on to know additional offers. a) Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i (10th generation Intel processor) Upgrading to Lenovo Ideapad slim 3i would take your online classes or work from home arrangements to a different level altogether. This entry level laptop gives you a smooth multitasking experience and sorts your daily dose of entertainment as well.

It comes with a powerful 10th generation Intel processor. Not just that, one can buy the Lenovo everyday backpack worth Rs.2499 at just Rs.1. Grab this laptop at just Rs.

37,490 and enjoy two years of onsite warranty. Shoppers can add extra Rs.299 to buy a Lenovo 300 USB mouse. One can use Lenovo student discount to save staggeringly on the overall cart value.

b)  Lenovo Thinkpad L14 ( 10th generation intel core i3) Invest for that extra bit of productivity as this best selling business laptop- Lenovo Thinkpad is sturdy and robust enough to smoothen your daily work hours. This all powerful laptop has in-built blazing-fast WiFi 6 to connect you to the internet right away.

Customers would get a DOS operating system with 35.56 cms FHD IPS anti-glare LED backlight. The best part is that Lenovo Thinkpad L14 comes with a suite of ThinkSheild security solutions to safeguard your data. Shoppers can buy the mighty laptop at just Rs.52,890.

One can pay an additional minimal amount of Rs.2590 to get a Lenovo 100 stereo USB headset. Shoppers can grab the similar laptops on Amazon at an enticing discount up to 70%  along with free shipping. c) Lenovo Tab M10 (Full High Definition) As Covid has changed the course of education and that's why you need to invest in this family tablet from Lenovo.

Lenovo Tab M10 has a 7000 MAH battery with snapdragon 450 processor to make your online classes seamless and more productive. The LEnovo tablet with Android 9 Operating system worth Rs.

25000 is available at an enticing discounted price of Rs.13,999. The USPs of this tablet are of course its colossal battery and light & thin build that makes it a lot easier for you to handle it.

Also, Lenovo Tab M10 has two Dolby Atmos speakers on the front to transform the way you consume entertainment. Customers would get 1 year carry-in warranty on the tablet itself along with 6 months of warranty on the accessories. Shoppers can head to Flipkart and grab up to Rs.15000 off with the ongoing exchange offer. d) Lenovo Legion 5i (15) (10th generation intel core i7)

Give wings to your passion for gaming as with Lenovo Legion 5i 15 one gets to experience the exceedingly smooth 10th generation intel core i7 processor. Customers would get in-built windows 10 pro and NVIDIA's GeForce RTX graphics card to help you enliven your gaming experience. This minimalist designed gaming laptop also has a year of Legion support for a year.

The best part is Lenovo gives you a chance to customize your own gaming laptop. Shoppers can buy this beastly laptop at an astounding price of Rs.68,990. One is required to pay extra for additional accessories such as mouses, headsets, monitors and so on.

Enjoy one year of premium care along with an extra 1 year of accidental damage protection. Also, Tata Cliq is offering an unbelievable discount that goes up to 40% on top gaming laptops across all the popular brands. e) Lenovo Thinkpad T14 (AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750U Processor)

Not just studying for students but online teaching has also been catching on in the post-pandemic world. This high-performance laptop has been specially designed for teachers as it comes with included MS office (Home & Student). It delivers long battery hours along with rapid charging technology so that your online lectures don't get hampered.  If you are worried about spilling water or juices during the class then you should know that Lenovo Thinkpad T14 has been tested against 12-military grade requirements.

Customers can buy this superior Lenovo top selling laptop at Rs.119,990. One can grab all the additional paraphernalia at an unbelievable minimum price. Shop at Vijay sales and save up to 45% on top brands like Lenovo along with many others.

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A dedicated team at Zoutons work incessantly to alleviate shopping experience for its customers by rendering latest coupons that are being updated regularly. As customers decide to buy any of the Lenovo top sellers, they can simply head to Zoutons and select the best coupons as per their convenience and need. The Gurugram-based company also facilitates its users by extending meticulous blog posts on ongoing and upcoming offers.

Not just that, Zoutons has recently launched its coupon extension which customers can add to their chrome browser.

Once the extension is added, customers would have access to the best coupons available on Lenovo.

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Get an exclusive £20 voucher with some of the cheapest iPhone 13 deals around

Anyone currently in the market for a new iPhone will be very aware that the new iPhone 13 series is now available to pre-order. If you're currently scouting out the best prices, we've got a brilliant offer for you to consider. The retailer has come out of the gates strong, offering some of the best iPhone 13 deals so far.

All of these sit on the Vodafone network, offering an impressive 100GB of data across all four new handsets.

While their pricing and data caps alone make these excellent value deals, TechRadar readers are also able to get a GBP20 voucher on top of their new contract. If you head to this link and register your email before purchasing your new contract, you'll get your choice of a GBP20 voucher for Just Eat, Currys, Giftcloud or a Mastercard. Below we've picked out the best tariff from for each of the new handsets.

The voucher add-on does require you to sign up your email first, but then simply head over to to pick up your new plan.

See these iPhone 13 deals + voucher in full:

Today's best iPhone 13 deals Contract Deals Unlimited mins

Unlimitedtexts 3GBdata Unlimited mins

Unlimitedtexts 100GBdata Unlimited mins



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